Right2Change unions host positive political pillar meeting

At the request of the broader water movement, the Right2Change trade unions hosted a very positive political meeting, which included Sinn Fein, Anti-Austerity Alliance, Social Democrats, People Before Profit Alliance, Workers Party, Communist Party, United Left, Direct Democracy Ireland and a range of Independent representatives, to establish if a common platform can be found ahead of the next general election.

At the meeting, a number of questions – originally put forward by the community pillar of Right2Water – were asked. The questions were as follows:

  1. Do you support the policy principles?
  2. Will you agree now to form a progressive government based on this platform if the numbers allow?
  3. How will you work together to deliver this objective?

While nobody expressed anything but support for question 1, a number of parties and individuals quite reasonably requested some time to give formal responses to questions 2 and 3.

Right2Change has requested responses from all of the political parties and independent representatives over the next two weeks.

The unions intend hosting a meeting of the community pillar of Right2Water/Right2Change in the coming weeks to report and assess the prospects of delivering an alternative progressive government to vindicate your Right2Change.