“Congress for a New Ireland” to take place in September, hosted by Right2Change Trade Unions

The Right2Change Trade Unions have called for a Congress for a New Ireland to take place on Saturday, September 9th 2017. The Union’s say this initiative will establish whether trade unions, political parties and community groups can work cooperatively to achieve a shared vision for an Ireland based on equality and social justice.

The Unions, including the Communications Workers’ Union (CWU), Mandate Trade Union, OPATSI and Unite the Union, who were all at the heart of the Right2Water movement, helping to deliver radical reform to the government’s original regressive water policy, say there is clearly an appetite for an alternative to the status quo in Ireland.

John Douglas, Mandate General Secretary said: “Ireland is experiencing the worst housing and homelessness crisis in decades. Poverty and deprivation levels are still enormously high. We have among the highest prevalence in the world for low pay and insecure work, and yet the government is still proposing tax cuts which will disproportionately benefit the wealthiest in our society.”

He added, “There is an alternative, that much is clear, but what’s needed is cooperation and organisation to achieve it.”

Brendan Ogle, Political Officer for Unite said the Right2Change Policy Principles, which include the right to healthcare, housing, decent work and education, could provide a platform for greater cooperation between those who want an egalitarian republic.

“We’ve seen a huge reaction to Jeremy Corbyn and Bernie Sander’s style of politics in their own countries, but there is also a demand in Ireland for the same.

He explained: “Corbyn’s manifesto, For the many, not the few – included the scrapping of university tuition fees, a massive increase in funding for the public healthcare system, expansion of the public transport system, the roll-out of a national home building programme and the re-nationalisation of Britains water companies – all issues aligned with the Right2Change Policy Principles. If those who already agree with these principles can work closer together, then perhaps they can be delivered in Ireland in the coming years.”

Stevie Fitzpatrick, General Secretary of the CWU explained: “Ahead of the last General Election, more than 100 candidates ran in support of the Right2Change platform and more than 30 were returned to Dail Eireann.”

Mr Fitzpatrick concluded by saying that a majority of Irish people are frustrated and fed up with old style politics in Ireland, which still seems to mean corruption, nepotism, inequality and scandal after scandal. This Congress will be about building a New Ireland and a positive future for all.”

In the coming weeks the Right2Change Trade Union’s will be reaching out to all who share a vision for a new and more equal Ireland.

Those interested in attending the conference can register their interest by clicking here.